Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

This Shipping Policy (“Policy”) is a part of, and must be read along with, the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. Terms used but not defined in this Policy shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.


  • Terms of Shipping
  • Manner of Delivery
  • Delays in Delivery
  • Customer Grievance Support

1. Terms of Shipping

We may engage third party logistics service providers (“Logistics Partner”) for the delivery of your purchase. Shipping is subject to the availability of the service network of our Logistics Partners at your delivery address. We will inform you if we are unable to service the delivery location of your product. We will provide you the details of the Logistics Partner assigned to deliver your product and the tracking details of the concerned consignment, which you may use to ascertain the delivery status of the consignment.

2. Manner of delivery

We will attempt to have the purchased product delivered to your address within the estimated time of delivery. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to receive the delivery of the product at the address provided by you along with your order. Delivery of your product to your address will discharge us from any further obligation, including to verify the good standing of the person to whom the delivery is made. Our Logistics Partner will make a maximum of three (3) attempts to deliver the product at your address. In case the product cannot be delivered through these attempts, the product will be returned undelivered to us. In such a case, you may arrange to have the product picked up from our warehouse or may request for re-delivery at your address. The costs of such re-delivery if requested by you will be borne by you.

3. Delays in delivery

We make best efforts to deliver the product within the estimated time notified to you. However, you accept and acknowledge that the delivery may be delayed on account of (a) weather conditions, (b) logistical issues beyond our control, (c) political disruptions, strikes, etc. (d) an act of God - such as floods, earthquake, pandemic, etc., and (e) other similar reasonable circumstances. In case of such events, we will make reasonable effort to inform you about the delay. We disclaim all liabilities that may arise on account of such delay or our failure to notify you of such delays. We are under no obligation to compensate you for any claim that may arise on account of delay in the delivery of your product.

4. Customer Grievance Support

You may direct any queries or concerns relating to the shipping and delivery of Products as per this Policy to us at the below mentioned details: